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    $4.00 (plus shipping)
    Yes, this is the moment you have been waiting for! Picnic Mtn, Book 1 is on sale now right here! 32 pages of your favorite comics that were featured on Inkfinger in the past but are no longer available on the internet. Each book has a limited edition silkscreened cover signed and numbered by the artist. Buy it with your pay-pal account OR use your credit card. Just click on the candy-like button!

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cal liddle

man i would be more than happy with these prints.
what sort of pen have you used and how did you do the background?...
if you dont mind me asking.

Desiree Niccoli

Hey, I'm doing a research project for my Drawing I class on contour drawings. I really like your "Sam of the Ink" drawing and would like to write about it. Could you tell me more about Sam? Who is he? What year did you draw him? Why him? What does this portrait mean to you?
Anything you'd like to share about this piece and your sort-of-blind-contour print series would be greatly appreciated.

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